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Wally Black honors God through his Christian choral music, crafting spiritually resonant melodies that captivate with their transformative power.

Walter L. Black

A native Texan, Walter Black graduated from the University of North Texas and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and served churches in the Texas area for over thirty years. He was active in all aspects of theatrical productions not only in church, but in schools and community theater as well.

Recently, New Braunfels Christian Academy honored Wally by naming their elementary school’s music room, The Wally Black Memorial Music Room. Wally led choirs at NBCA for nearly 20 years. Nothing brought him more joy than leading God’s people to the throne of grace by singing His praises. PraiseGathering was honored to publish Wally’s work.

Wally Black’s Christian choral music resonates with spiritual depth and artistic brilliance. As a composer and lyricist, he crafts melodies that intertwine seamlessly with profound messages, creating a harmonious blend of faith and musical expression. His catalog boasts an array of inspirational compositions that transcend mere notes, captivating listeners with the transformative power of worship. Walter’s dedication to the Christian choral genre is evident in the timeless quality of his songs, which have become staples in worship settings. Through his creative prowess, he continues to make a significant impact, fostering a connection between the divine and those who engage with his musical creations.

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