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Russell Mauldin

Russell Mauldin, a prolific figure in Christian music, excels as a composer, part-time pastor, and counseling program participant, contributing to diverse facets of ministry.

Russell Mauldin

Russell Mauldin, born on October 13, 1959, stands as an American arranger, orchestrator, conductor, vocalist, composer, and producer who has made his mark in the Nashville music industry since 1986. Initially, he began his musical journey as a drummer in the Christian market in Greenville, South Carolina, gradually rising to work with renowned artists.

In his role as a Christian music composer and producer, Russell’s compositions have resonated on six continents. During a mission trip concert tour with the Christ Church Choir in Japan, he sensed a divine call to expand his contributions.

Recognizing a calling to serve as a shepherd pastor, Russell pursued full ordination, and in 2018, he completed an MA in Religion from Lee University. Faced with the mental health challenges heightened by the pandemic, he acknowledged the ethical limitations of being “only” an ordained minister.

In response, Russell enrolled in the National Christian Counselors Association’s Clinical Pastoral Licensing program through New Life University, aiming to support individuals more comprehensively. In the coming year, he looks forward to achieving full licensure, continuing his journey towards a PhD.

Rev. Russell Mauldin continues to compose music, serves as a part-time pastor, and actively engages in counseling programs, embodying a diverse commitment to creativity, pastoral care, and spiritual guidance.

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