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Rose Aspinall, PraiseGathering Music Group

Rose Aspinall contributes to Christian choral music as a co-writer, lyricist, and associate producer, infusing passion for redemption and restoration through storytelling in her work.

Rose Aspinall

Rose Aspinall has been an integral part of the PraiseGathering Music Group staff for three decades. She spent more than twenty of those years providing direction for the print-on-demand division of the company’s orchestration services. In later years, she moved over to the creative side of the business where she served as co-writer, lyricist, and associate producer for all original publications. Her responsibilities included being responsible for producing and editing blog content, social media and copy. Additionally, she oversaw the development and creative direction of the drama division.

She has been active both on and off the stage in local community and church theater productions. An accomplished actress and gifted communicator, she often brings her written scripts to life on the conference stage.

Her deep interest in the arts as it relates to the church is abundantly evident in her writing. Her great passion is redemption and restoration through storytelling.

Rose lives in rural Alexandria, Indiana. She and her husband Mark are the parents of two grown daughters and six beautiful grandchildren.

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