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Marty Parks is a minister of music, composer, arranger, orchestrator, and producer with over one thousand songs and arrangements in print.

Marty Parks

Marty Parks, a luminary in Christian music, crafts compositions that resonate with spiritual depth and melodic beauty. With a career spanning decades, his musical prowess encompasses a diverse range within the Christian music landscape. Parks’ extensive catalog includes inspiring hymn arrangements, powerful anthems, and engaging worship songs, reflecting his commitment to offering a rich tapestry of musical expressions for the faith community. His contributions extend beyond individual compositions to encompass choral collections and orchestral arrangements, showcasing his versatility and dedication to elevating the worship experience.

Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Marty Parks cherishes the city’s beauty despite infrequent visits. With a supportive wife, Vicki, and four children, Brandt, Jarrod, Stanford, and Sarah Beth, family is a source of joy.

Marty Parks holds degrees from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. With nearly 30 years composing and orchestrating for choirs, he’s grateful for the journey, although he occasionally questions past choices. Having served congregations in Texas, Tennessee, and Mississippi as Music Minister or Worship Pastor, he values the profound connection with God’s people. Passionate about music conferences and composer weekends, he finds joy in real experiences with genuine people and a real God.

Beyond music, early mornings with coffee and an open Bible, visits to art galleries and bookstores, and enjoying a Sonic limeade are cherished moments. Marty also finds therapy in spending time outdoors, operating his John Deere, and cherishes family meals as demonstrations of grace.

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