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Established by Randy and Carol Vader, PraiseGathering Music Group stands out as a premier publisher of church music, renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality compositions and arrangements that enrich Christian worship experiences.

In 2019, PraiseGathering Music Group became an integral part of the Fred Bock Publishing Group, a robust family of choral music companies. Together, they form a formidable alliance dedicated to seeking out exceptional music from top-notch composers, reinforcing their impact on church music publishing.

Randy Vader, PraiseGathering Music Group

Randy Vader

Randy Vader has enjoyed a brilliant and distinguished career spanning four decades. He is a best-selling composer and lyricist and Dove Award winning producer. Randy Vader and his wife, Carol Vader, have significantly influenced church music through the publications from PraiseGathering Music Group, coupled with their extensive financial support for music ministries nationwide.

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Jay Rouse

Jay Rouse at the piano is a captivating experience, revealing thoughtful engagement, personal artistry, talent, and gifting. Beyond being a great pianist, his driving passion is worship, using music and the piano as creative vehicles. Jay’s extensive body of work, comprising over four hundred octavos and fifty best-selling choral musicals, showcases his enduring impact.

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Randy Vader, PraiseGathering Music Group

Bill Gaither

History’s pages bear the imprints of ordinary people with extraordinary narratives, and Bill Gaither stands as one. Gaither, a transformative figure in gospel music, initiated his journey with The Bill Gaither Trio in 1956. His marriage to Gloria Sickal in 1962 fortified a remarkable writing partnership and solidifyied their impact on gospel music history.

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Gloria Gaither

Gloria Gaither

Gloria Gaither embraces each day’s twists with tenacity and joy, thriving on challenges and an insatiable desire to grow and impact God’s kingdom. Bill and Gloria’s profound contribution to gospel music is celebrated through numerous awards and induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

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Camp Kirkland, Praise Gathering Music Group

Camp Kirkland

Camp Kirkland, a prominent figure in church music for over four decades, pioneered the integration of instrumental music in church programs. As an esteemed educator, clinician, and orchestrator, he’s made significant contributions to leading church music publishers, showcasing a deep love for Christ in both his art and testimony, impacting church musicians globally.

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Russell Mauldin

Russell Mauldin

Russell Mauldin is a versatile American arranger, orchestrator, conductor, vocalist, composer, and producer who has collaborated with renowned artists. As a Christian music composer, his impactful work resonates globally. Inspired by a divine call during a mission trip to Japan, Russell expanded his contributions with an MA in Religion, ongoing studies in counseling and maintains a diverse commitment to creativity, pastoral care, and spiritual guidance.

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Rose Aspinall, PraiseGathering Music Group

Rose Aspinall

For more than three decades, Rose Aspinall has played a crucial role at PraiseGathering Music Group. A skilled actress and communicator, she brings her written scripts to life, showcasing her passion for redemption and restoration through storytelling in the context of church and community theater.

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Mary McDonald_PraiseGathering Music Group

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald is a prominent figure in sacred music with a career spanning over four decades. Over 1200 compositions, including anthems, seasonal musicals, and keyboard collections, showcase her substantial impact on church music. Breaking barriers, Mary’s energy and charisma led her to become the first female President of the Southern Baptist Church Music Conference.

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Marty Parks, PraiseGathering Music Group

Marty Parks

Marty Parks, a Christian music luminary, creates spiritually rich and melodically beautiful compositions spanning decades. From inspiring hymn arrangements to powerful anthems, his versatile catalog reflects a commitment to enriching the worship experience for the faith community.

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Geron Davis

Geron Davis

Geron Davis, celebrated for his profound contributions to Christian music, alongside his wife, Becky, boasts multiple Dove Awards, cementing their status as leaders in contemporary worship. Their influential compositions span global audiences and diverse artists, reflecting their passion for worship and impacting the Christian music community.

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Walter Black, PraiseGathering Music Group

Walter L. Black


Wally Black’s Christian choral music combines spiritual depth with artistic brilliance. As a composer and lyricist, he intertwines melodies seamlessly with profound messages, creating a harmonious blend of faith and musical expression. His timeless compositions have become staples in worship settings, showcasing his dedication to the Christian choral genre.

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Todd Syswerda_PraiseGathering Music Group

Todd Syswerda

Todd Syswerda, a native of Grant County, teaches music at Indiana Wesleyan University, just three blocks from his childhood home in Marion, Indiana. Renowned as a composer and songwriter, Todd has crafted music for film, studios, concert halls, and the stage, collaborating on various projects nationwide.

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