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Director Mike Harland of LifeWay Worship conducts insightful interviews with Randy Vader, Geron Davis, Dennis & Nan Allen. Amidst discussions, they unveil new collections and anthems, delving into the profound significance of worship songs.

Randy Vader, Jay Rouse and PraiseGathering Music Group are occasionally featured on LifeWay Worship’s The Choir Room and WorshipLife LIVE

Step into the world of WorshipLife LIVE, previously recognized as The Choir Room, as we delve into the November 2014 episode. Here, Mike Harland, the Director of LifeWay Worship, engages in insightful interviews with notable figures such as Randy Vader, Geron Davis, and Dennis & Nan Allen. The discussions unfold against the backdrop of new collections and anthems presented by these esteemed guests, offering a rich exploration of worship songs and their significance.

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Geron Davis

Geron Davis

Geron Davis, renowned for his exceptional contributions to Christian music, is a distinguished writer and worship leader, sharing this musical journey with his wife, Becky. Their remarkable influence has earned them multiple Dove Awards, establishing them as premier figures in the contemporary church scene.

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Randy Vader

Randy Vader

Randy Vader stands as a stalwart figure in the realm of Christian music, boasting a brilliant and distinguished career that spans an impressive four decades. His multifaceted talent as a best-selling composer, lyricist, and Dove Award-winning producer has left an indelible mark on the industry.

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