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Randy Vader, PraiseGathering Music Group

Randy Vader

With a distinguished four-decade career, Randy Vader is a bestselling composer, lyricist, and Dove Award-winning producer. Teaming up with composer Jay Rouse, they’ve created over 50 groundbreaking musicals and published 500+ songs like the cherished “Honored, Glorified, Exhalted” hymn and “Livin’ in the Homeland.”

Alongside his wife, Carol Vader, Randy has left a significant mark on church music through PraiseGathering Music Group and generous contributions to music ministries nationwide.

Recognized for preserving hymn legacies and embracing new, inspired music, Randy’s commitment is evident in the exclusive, eclectic quality that defines PraiseGathering Music Group’s offerings.

Jay Rouse Hymns A Cappella

Jay Rouse Hymns A Cappella Collection

The worshiping congregation remains deeply rooted in the timeless tradition of Christian hymnody, and choirs continually strive to breathe new life into these cherished texts, bridging the gap between the timeless and the contemporary. Jay Rouse’s a cappella settings stand as masterpieces, elevating beloved songs with meticulous care and unveiling the choir’s most expressive qualities. Each composition within this collection is a unique work of art, showcasing Rouse’s skillful craftsmanship. With a diverse range of pieces, there is something tailored for every choir, ensuring a rich and resonant musical experience that connects tradition with innovation.

Choirs will no doubt enjoy performing treasured hymns like “Abide In Me,” and “Let Us Break Bread Together.” Add one or all to your music library!

Alleluia! A Praise Gathering for Believers 50th Anniversary

Alleluia! A Praise Gathering for Believers

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the iconic Gaither cantata “Alleluia,” veteran arranger Mark Hayes has unveiled a captivating piano collection featuring eleven titles from the cantata, including favorites like Let’s Just Praise the Lord, There’s Something About That Name, and Because He Lives. This musical masterpiece, rich in faith and worship, invites believers to join a timeless celebration. Commemorating the golden jubilee of “Alleluia! A Gathering for Believers,” Mark Hayes takes listeners on a sacred journey, paying homage to the best-selling choral cantata of the 1970s by Bill and Gloria Gaither and Ronn Huff. The piano collection, released in 2023, not only captures the essence of the original but also adds depth with an insightful introduction by Mark Hayes, enriching the spiritual experience within the music.

Bill and Gloria Gaither, PraiseGathering Music Group

Bill & Gloria Gaither

Bill and Gloria’s musical partnership has produced over 700 popular gospel songs, including classics like “Because He Lives” and “I’ll Worship Only at the Feet of Jesus.” Together, they have earned eight Grammy Awards and over a dozen nominations, as well as more than two dozen Dove Awards from The Gospel Music Association, clinching the title of “Songwriter of the Year” eight times.

After decades of extraordinary musical successes, Bill and Gloria Gaither still run their business from Bill’s hometown in Alexandria, Indiana, residing in the same family home. Their lifestyle is centered around channeling resources into eternal pursuits.

Jay Rouse_PraiseGathering Music Group

Jay Rouse

Observing Jay Rouse at the piano reveals more than just exceptional musical talent. Beyond his captivating playing style lies a deep passion for worship, driving his creativity to understand not just notes but the spaces between them. Jay, alongside his wife Amy, frequently embarks on worship weekends, utilizing music as a vehicle to facilitate worship and help people comprehend its essence as a way of life. This approach has taken Jay to various venues, collaborating with diverse artists, including Sandi Patty, Bill and Gloria Gaither, and the Gaither Vocal Band.

Jay is renowned for composing top-selling choral anthems, establishing himself as a leading figure in arrangement, orchestration, and production within the industry.

Camp Kirkland, Praise Gathering Music Group

Camp Kirkland

Over the past four decades, Camp Kirkland has become a leading figure in church music, pioneering instrumental music’s role in church programs nationwide. Starting the instrumental music program at First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida, in 1971, he established a model of excellence still emulated today. Known for his expertise as an educator, clinician, and spokesman, Kirkland has also had a remarkable career as an arranger and orchestrator, contributing significantly to major church music publishers. His commitment to Christ is evident in his art, blessing church musicians globally.

Beyond music, Kirkland engages in missions through Global Missions Project, completing over 100 projects in 30 countries, using music as a powerful tool to share God’s “good news” and uplift the global body of Christ.

Rose Aspinall, PraiseGathering Music Group

Rose Aspinall

For thirty years, Rose Aspinall has played a vital role in the PraiseGathering Music Group, initially directing the print-on-demand division of orchestration services for over two decades. Transitioning to the creative side eight years ago, she now serves as co-writer, lyricist, and associate producer for original publications.

Beyond her contributions to the arts in local community and church theater productions, Rose, an accomplished actress and communicator, often brings her scripts to life on conference stages. Her writing reflects a profound interest in the intersection of the arts and the church, with a primary focus on redemption and restoration through storytelling.

Songs for Missions

Songs For Missions

Christian songs for missions serve as powerful tools to inspire, mobilize, and connect communities in faith-driven service. These songs often encapsulate the essence of mission work, fostering a sense of purpose, dedication, and unity among believers. With heartfelt lyrics and uplifting melodies, they evoke a spirit of compassion and outreach, encouraging Christians to share the gospel globally.

Whether sung in local congregations or on mission trips, these songs amplify the mission’s significance, reinforcing the call to go forth and make disciples. Rooted in worship, Christian mission songs embody the transformative impact of faith, fostering a collective commitment to spreading God’s love worldwide.

Salute To The Armed Forces

A Patriotic Musical Tribute to the Armed Forces

Salute to the Armed Forces,” orchestrated by Camp Kirkland is a jubilant celebration that pays homage to the American military and service forces, including the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Marines. With its stellar orchestration, this arrangement uniquely supports each branch, creating a musical experience that brilliantly captures their essence. The vibrant and energetic composition makes it an ideal choice for events dedicated to honoring the dedication and sacrifice of our service men and women. This is a perfect selection to infuse pride and celebration into any occasion recognizing the contributions of the armed forces.

The Convenience of Print on Demand Music

Print on Demand music offers instant access to sheet music, allowing musicians to obtain specific compositions quickly and conveniently.